The Team

Nick Leblebijian


Chicago, IL

Nick brings his years of experience and track record of success to Lakefront Futures and Options. Nick began his career in the futures and options industry on the trading floor of the Chicago Board of Trade in 1986, and by 1991, he had purchased his own membership at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and became an independent trader. It quickly became apparent that he had an incredible knack for trading options and developing strategies that would shape his future career. In trading countless numbers of options and learning the behavior of the markets, Nick spent the mid-nineties becoming one of the premier options traders at the CME. In February of 1997, Nick made the best trade of his career when he traded his member seat for a career “upstairs” to successfully establish an off-the-floor brokerage firm by co-founding Lakefront Futures and Options, L.L.C.. His thorough knowledge of the industry along with his unique perspective of trading and managing price risk has allowed his clients to sustain and thrive during some of our nation’s greatest financial crises.

Along with handling the day-to-day financial matters at Lakefront, Nick serves as the premier source of guidance for many substantial hedge and speculation accounts. He does this by being a dedicated student of the industry, constantly studying the commodity markets through the use of proprietary technical analysis and indicators. Keeping his eyes focused on global news events throughout the day, Nick analyzes and determines what these effects will have on the markets and acts accordingly. Nick’s combination of understanding and expertise provides his customers at Lakefront Futures and Options a master plan for success.

A native Chicagoan, Nick lives in the city with his wife and 2 kids.