CTAs & Managed Futures

Lakefront Futures has a team of professionals with over 40 years of combined experience in successfully matching Managed Futures investors with Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs).

Managed Futures

Lakefront is proud to offer aiSource (Alternative Investment Source), a separate division dedicated to Managed Futures. aiSource provides valuable Managed Futures data to assist investors with investment decisions. Managed Futures have been utilized by investment professionals for the last 30 years.

How aiSource Can Help
  • CTA Database: register here to access our CTA database.
  • CTA Research: working one on one with the investor, we help them select a CTA or a portfolio of CTAs, which best fits with their investment goals and risk appetite. This includes sharing our due diligence reports, personal experience with the CTAs, and statistical performance evaluations. aiSource currently works with investors of all sizes, ranging from individual investors to large institutions.
  • Portfolio Management: after an investment has been made, an aiSource advisor will continually help monitor a client’s portfolio, and is available daily for ongoing advice, consultations, and new investment recommendations.
  • Portfolio Reporting: with aiTracker, an investor is able to monitor his/her portfolio from anywhere at any time.


                                                                       SEE OUR MANAGED FUTURES DATABASE AND SERVICES AT AISOURCE

The growth of Managed Futures over the last decade can be attributed to investors’ increased demands for diversification opportunities. We have the experience and attention to detail to match investors with CTAs, help CTAs grow their assets under management, and assist customers in understanding and navigating Managed Futures.

Commodity Trading Advisors

pie-sampleCTAs can thrive using our successful and proven marketing and execution team to turn a one person CTA into a business with incredible breadth and depth. Operating a CTA business is complex, and it is a  business that we 100% understand. While your goal as a CTA is to provide profits for both you and your customers, several components (in addition to successful trading) must work together. To succeed as a CTA, you need an experienced team behind you to provide these components:

  • Marketing
  • Allocation
  • Back office attention to detail
  • Clean and Correct Statement Generation
  • Low commission Rates
  • Breakdown Services including APS orders, partial allocations, Give Up and Give In Setups and Executions
  • A platform on which you can successfully trade