At Lakefront we take pride in the customer service we provide to get customers the answers they need; whether by phone, email, in person, or online. Below are answers to some of our more commonly asked questions.

arrow2How do I open an account?

To order a full Lakefront Futures account opening package, please use our account package request form or phone us at toll free 888-748-8122. Once we receive your account forms, they are reviewed by the new accounts department and, once approved, your broker will assign you an account number. The next step is funding the account. We also offer our clients the ability to fill out account documents online, please visit the Open Account section to get started.


How Do I Fund My Account?

View all account funding options.


Is there a minimum account size?

There is no minimum account size. Depending upon which markets you trade, your broker will be happy to suggest a minimum account size for you. However, as long as you are trading within your margin parameters (we use exchange minimum margins for most markets), and are not on margin call, you will not need any minimum account size.


How Can I Check My Account Information Online?

In order to access your account online or view statements, you must first register for Lakefront Insider Unlimited by clicking here. Once you register for Lakefront Insider Unlimited, you will have access to the Online platforms for each FCM under “Online Account Access”. Please contact your Lakefront broker to establish a user name and password.


How can I trade online?

We have several different online platforms from which to choose. Our most popular is Exchange Direct which can be downloaded here. Please visit our other platforms page to view all the platforms we offer our clients.  Once you have established which platform you would like to use, please contact your broker and he or she will assign you a user name and password.

If you ever experience any type of problem or have any questions regarding a trade or fill you placed on any trading platform, please call us immediately at 888-748-8122 and one of our trained staff members or brokers will assist you right away.

*For additional platforms that are not shown on the website please contact your Lakefront broker.


I don’t understand my statement.

If you ever have a problem with a statement or you see a trade that looks incorrect, please call your Lakefront broker immediately and he or she will assist you right away. This is especially important if there is a trade that appears to be incorrect or missing. However rare it may be, the clearing process is an inexact science and every back office has a problem now and then. We can ALWAYS correct the problem and the sooner you see it and notify your broker, the sooner it will be corrected.


How can I receive my daily statements via email?

If you would like to receive your daily statements via email, please contact your Lakefront broker and they will get you set up right away!  Your daily statements will be emailed out to you each day you trade. If there is no activity that day, you will not receive a statement, unless you specify so.  Monthly statements will be mailed to your home address via hard copy, regardless.


How can I have funds sent home to me?

Whenever you need funds sent to you, Lakefront prides itself on being able to get them to you quickly and efficiently. Please notify your broker before 11:00 a.m. CST and your funds will be sent that day. If you would like to receive a bank wire*, overnight*, regular mail, or pick it up at our offices, simply contact your broker and he or she will make sure you receive them under your specifications.

*A small fee applies. Please contact your broker for more information.


Can I trade at night?

We have a fully staffed 24-hour desk for those customers who wish to trade at night via phone orders or you can place any and all trades on your designated electronic platform. Please contact your broker to be set up for overnight access via trade desk.


How early can I start placing trades in the morning?

Our trading desk opens at 6:45 a.m.. CST. If you have any orders you need to place prior to the open, you may call them in beginning at this time.


I have a question about something else that I don’t see covered in the FAQs!

If there is something you don’t understand, aren’t sure about, angry about, happy about, want to see changed or just need to talk about, please call us! We are here to help you with every aspect of your trading and we enjoy doing anything we can to make that happen. Our number is toll free 888-748-8122 and we are here Monday through Friday from 6:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. CST.