Lakefront Futures and Options is proud to be celebrating its eighteenth year in business.  With headquarters located in the historic Chicago Board of Trade, Lakefront has made its name by providing unparalleled service to the futures trading community since its inception.  With so many different aspects to focus on and specialize in, Lakefront has always made service its number one priority, only staffing itself with the best and brightest trading professionals.  Whether you are trading for the first time, or are a professional seeking nothing but execution and low costs, Lakefront is a place that you can trust and count on to handle your business exactly as it needs to be.
As an Independent Introducing Brokerage firm with multiple FCM relationships, Lakefront can provide you with virtually any trading platform you want for a cost that is right for you.  We have the ability to execute your orders at the FCM of your choice or suggest one that would be ideal for you whether you are a mini s and p day trader, a cattle hedger, a grain elevator, a first time position trader, or anything in between.
CTA’s can thrive using our successful and proven marketing and execution team to turn a one person CTA into a business with incredible breadth and depth.  Our Portfolio Tracker can help manage multiple customers within several different programs or simply be used to help show your personal results in a way that has, up until now, rarely been seen.
All of our electronic services are updated and upgraded frequently.  Charting, trading, and online inquiry are available to all customers and our ehelp desk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
In summary, Lakefront Futures and Options, L.L.C. is a home to all traders and one that can be your home as well.  See why a former CME member, and a staff of the brightest minds in the industry have succeeded greatly for the better part of the last three decades.  Call or email today to see how you can join us as well.

“If we don’t take care of the customer.. Somebody else will.”